The Team

Meet our team of thinkers and doers. Same road, different drivers.

  • Gilbert Gonzalez

    Senior Designer
  • Gina Pham

    Business Manager
  • Greg Compton

    Senior Editor
  • Greg Miller

    Vice President, Controller
  • Hana Hodali

    Senior Account Executive
  • Harper Lawson

  • Holly Betancourt

    Talent and Culture Specialist
  • Honah Kern

    Vice President
  • Isabel Giovannetti

    Account Executive
  • Isaiah Walker

    Junior Designer
  • Jacqueline Pelella

    Senior Account Executive
  • Jacquie Lawing Ebert

  • Jamall Marsh

    IT Manager
  • Jamie Haynes

    Account Supervisor
  • Jana Fiorello

    Senior Digital Media Campaign Manager
  • Janae Hinson

    Vice President
  • Janet Goss

  • Jasmine Johnson

    Senior Account Executive
  • Jennifer Martinez

    Account Executive
  • Jenny Selzer

    Senior Vice President
  • Jesse Demastrie

    Managing Director, Senior Vice President
  • Jim Margolis

  • Jodi Quintero

    Senior Vice President, Managing Director
  • John Rimel


These people are doing
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