Who We Are

We’re an agency on a mission

  • We know that great minds don’t all think alike. That’s why we value diverse people, personalities, and talents. Our many different perspectives are what makes us better together — it’s how we’ve been creating real and lasting change since our doors first opened.

Meet The Team

Our Story

  • We got our start helping great candidates win tough elections—and three decades later, we’re still delivering. But the issues we care about aren’t solved in November. So, we became more than just another political shop. We bring our campaign-trail mindset and ability to hone a message to elevate policy discussions, grow movements, and advance issues year-round. From electoral politics, education, and healthcare to global development and the environment, we are experts who work across disciplines to win—and get real results.

Because we’re in it together

  • Here at GMMB we’re one big team. We work hard together. We learn together. And we laugh together—a lot. We’re a dynamic group of people with one thing in common: we want to make the world a better place. Together, we represent the values that define GMMB: respect all, put passion forward, break the mold, deliver real results, aim for applause, uncover possibilities, and do what’s right.

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Creating Change is Hard Work, But We’re Up to the Challenge

At GMMB, our commitment to make real and lasting positive change in the world starts with the people at our firm. Our success depends on diversity at every level, and a truly inclusive culture where everyone is welcomed and where their talents and ideas are channeled into our work to champion equity and justice.

Our Work

  • Government

    Engaging Americans in Service

    with AmeriCorps
  • Climate Change and Environmental Justice

    Decarbonizing the Grid

    with Gridworks