The Team

Meet our team of thinkers and doers. Same road, different drivers.

  • Lauren McCoy

    Digital Media Planner
  • Lee Southwell

    Account Supervisor
  • Leslie Tunmore

    Vice President
  • Levi Schulman

    Account Executive
  • Lindsey Cooper

    Digital Media Assistant
  • Lindsey Waltz

    Project Manager
  • Madalene Milano

  • Marci Welford

    Assistant Account Executive
  • Mark Alves

    Senior Manager, SEO and Web Analytics
  • Mark Springuel

    Office Assistant
  • Maru Becker

    Senior Vice President
  • Matt James

    Senior Counselor
  • Matt Taylor

    Account Supervisor
  • Matthew Patton

    Senior Art Director
  • Maura Johnson

    Senior Vice President, Media Supervisor
  • Megan Sather

  • Melissa Morales

    Senior Vice President, Managing Director
  • Melissa Simpson

  • Micheline Kennedy

  • Michelle Austin

    Senior Vice President, Managing Director
  • Michelle Morico

    Vice President, Senior Digital Strategist
  • Mike Furman

    Vice President, Media Supervisor
  • Miranda Catarevas

    Account Executive
  • Molly Martin

    Senior Account Executive

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