A New Story for Global Nutrition

A New Story for Global Nutrition

When the Micronutrient Initiative (MI) was established, the nonprofit’s name matched its focus: micronutrients. But as the organization evolved, it expanded both its international reach and its expertise beyond micronutrients to nutrition more holistically.

Together with MI, GMMB worked to develop a new name and brand: Nutrition International. This new identity boldly defined the organization’s expanding mission, declared its international reach, injected humanity into a nuanced issue-area, and established its authority as a leader in nutrition — micronutrients included.

GMMB worked closely with staff and leadership globally to ensure the brand worked across cultures, captured organizational values, capitalized on real-world examples of NI’s impact, injected humanity into its issue-area and, ultimately, communicated a clear story detailing who they are and why it matters.

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