What GMMBers Want You to Know About Being Hispanic in America

What GMMBers Want You to Know About Being Hispanic in America

At GMMB, we’re proud to have a diverse staff with roots all over the world. In celebration of this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month, we asked our Hispanic and Latinx colleagues: What’s one thing you want people to know about being Hispanic in America? Find out what they have to say below.



“I feel more proud of and connected to my heritage than ever. I’m grateful for the immediate sense of community I feel when I meet other Latinos. Like Miguel sings in Coco: the world es mi familia.”

– Beka Wueste

Position: Digital Strategy Director




“We don’t all look the same. There are blond Hispanics, there are black Hispanics, and everything in between. What connects us is our cultural heritage and you can’t tell that from how someone looks.”

– Christopher Shannon

Position: Leader Creative Technologist


“Because the US is made up of people from many countries, meeting another Latino is an opportunity to bond over commonalities in our cultures (and favorite foods!) and learn more about the differences between their heritage and my own.”

– Valentina Perez

Position: Account Executive


“Yes, Mexican food great, but can we give some love to Cuban lechón? Colombian patacones? Dominican mofongo? Nicaraguan fritangas?!?!?”

– Patricia Clemente

Position: Account Executive



“I saw a cashier using the little Spanish he knew to help a customer. I want the cashier – and anyone who has ever taken that extra step to make someone feel welcome – to hear: Gracias.”

– Melissa Morales

Position: Senior Vice President