Black History Month 2021

Black History Month 2021

This year more than most, the Black Community needs to pause, take a deep breath and exhale, close our eyes, give ourselves permission to acknowledge the tremendous weight we must carry every day. It is exhausting. Yet, somehow, we have learned to thrive in a society built on a systemic racist foundation. How do we find the inspiration to continue our journey? We have moments like Black History Month (BHM) to acknowledge these facts, and remember our leaders who have shown us, that despite it all, “We Rise!”

BHM is also an opportunity for people in their allyship journey to continue to educate themselves on the Black experience in the U.S. Think of ways to take action (BTW, don’t ask a Black person what to do) and stand up for your Black colleagues, advance racial equity inside our agency, and  support a more diverse and inclusive culture. Our commitment towards becoming an anti-racist agency extends outside our walls and includes how we represent and participate in our local communities and reflects in the work we do on behalf our clients. This work that is not for the faint-hearted, extends to every aspect of our lives including how to talk to your children about racism and antiracism work, and so much more.

Why is BHM needed? Take a look back at the history of #BlackHistoryMonth​ and learn about the champions and heroes who stood up for their rights.

Now take a few moments watch this Tribute to Black History Month. If you want to be reminded that One Person Can Change the World check out this tribute. And if you are curious, click  #TheMostSearched​ to learn about some of the moments and individuals in American Black History.

To continue to educate yourself here are a few sources: 5 Things Allies Can Do and Anti-Racist Resources

Thankfully, we all have had a front seat to recent examples of extraordinary Black History in the making.

I stood three inches away from the TV, raised my right hand, clutched every strand of pearls I own, wiped away tears of joy as I watched Kamala Harris be inaugurated as the first African American and Asian American woman Vice President of the United States of America on Jan 20, 2021!

I jumped for joy with fists in the air and enjoyed a vodka & cranberry, from my home in Georgia, when CNN announced Rev. Rafael Warnock won the special election runoff! He was to become a Democratic Senator from GA elected to the United States Senate in the January 5, 2021!

Amanda Gorman made history as the youngest poet who delivered her original composition “The Hill We Climb” at the US Capitol in front of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the entire nation. As America’s first national youth poet Laureate, Amanda touched on images of defeat and triumph. Amanda inspired the world, affirmed that when given an opportunity, “We Rise,” that words matter, and “Black Girl/Woman Magic” is in fact, magical.

I am thrilled to be here at this point in our GMMB history. Together, we will show though action, our commitment to creating real and lasting change in the world by pursuing racial equity, becoming an anti-racist organization, increasing our diversity, becoming more inclusive, and creating growth for our workforce and in our workplace. These are unprecedented times, there is much to do, and I am confident that we are in it together!