Diversity Equity and Inclusion Team Statement July 8, 2020

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Team Statement July 8, 2020

We are the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team at GMMB. We represent the many levels, teams, ethnicities, identities and perspectives across the firm, and what unites us is our desire for every person who works here to be seen, heard, and valued. That’s reflected in the recent additions of more mid and junior level staff to the DE&I team, as well as its expanded scope to specifically focus on equity.

Systemic racism pervades our country. GMMB is not immune to it. We are taking a hard look at ourselves and having honest conversations with each other to identify how to be actively anti-racist in the ways we think and work. We are committed to creating an environment that welcomes and fosters diverse perspectives where every individual, no matter their race, religion, sex, age, gender or orientation is able to bring their whole selves into the work. This wealth of perspectives not only serves our employees but also ensures we deliver the best for our clients.

This takes real dedication and action, not just words. It takes self-reflection, education, and persistence. This work is underway, and our commitment is to hold ourselves and each other accountable to ensure that GMMB’s values are reflected inside and outside our firm. Most importantly, our commitment is to do this togetherWe believe in each other, and we firmly believe these commitments are imperative to doing the work we do every day to help our clients create real and lasting positive change. We look forward to announcing additional policies and reforms in the year ahead.


The GMMB Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Team

Phillip Allen, Associate Creative Director, CCG (DC)

Abebe Kebede, Account Supervisor (DC)

Augusta Burney, Contracts Administrator (DC)

Kelly Carey, Senior Vice President / Managing Director (DC)

Jacquie Ebert, Partner (DC)

Jasmine Johnson, Assistant Account Executive (Seattle)

Micheline Kennedy, Partner (DC)

Alexandra Rodríguez, Account Executive (DC)

Julia Rothenberg, Senior Digital Strategist, CCG (DC)

Megan Sather, Senior Vice President / Managing Director (Seattle)

Stefana Simonetto, Account Supervisor (San Francisco)

Jamaal Strong, Senior Account Executive (DC)

Sandy Won, Senior Vice President (DC)

Jaime Zapata, Partner (DC)