DEI Update: GMMB’s Commitments to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

DEI Update: GMMB’s Commitments to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

GMMB's office wall saying "creating real & lasting change in the world"

For us to make real and lasting positive change in the world, it must start with the people at GMMB. Our success depends on increasing representation at every level and fostering a truly inclusive culture where everyone is welcomed, and their talents and ideas are channeled into our work. This wealth of perspectives not only serves our employees but also ensures we deliver the best for our clients and the communities they serve.

Our Diversity and Equity Committee has been working to advance GMMB’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion for more than a decade. In June of 2020, we made public our commitment in specific and measurable ways to hold ourselves accountable for improving representation at every level, transparently reporting demographic data, improving learning and development, expanding a sense a belonging, and further embedding inclusion into our culture.

Since then, we hired a Chief DEI Officer who oversees HR, restructured and expanded our HR team and  conducted a thorough assessment of our employee experience.  We made enhancements to and/or developed new recruitment practices, onboarding processes, embedded inclusive behaviors into our performance management systems, evolved our compensation/promotion approaches, and launched a new learning and development platform. We evolved the committee into a Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council with representation from throughout the firm at all levels.

Here’s a look at how our 2021 end-of year demographic data compares to June 2020 demographic data.

While we are encouraged by our progress, we remain committed to doing the important work for GMMB to be viewed as the employer of choice by the best, brightest, most diverse people. And known for having a culture where you can bring your authentic self,  achieve your career aspirations, and thrive with a sense of belonging while creating real and lasting change in the world.