Kelly Carey

Senior Vice President, Managing Director / Corporate Social Impact

Kelly brings more than 25 years of experience in client management, coalition building, issue advocacy, campaign and event planning, corporate partnership development, and fundraising. She joined GMMB in 2000 as part of the leadership team for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that developed and implemented the award-winning Covering Kids Campaign to get uninsured kids connected to available healthcare coverage. Kelly is a seasoned manager of cross-functional teams of all sizes, providing strategic guidance and quality control and building long-term client relationships.

Examples of her client work include developing and implementing infant and senior nutrition education and outreach for Abbott Nutrition; creating a coalition of consumer, patient, and healthcare provider organizations with Novo Nordisk to advocate for policies supporting diabetes prevention and treatment; managing consumer education campaigns focused on the safe use, storage, and disposal of over-the-counter medicine for the Consumer Healthcare Products Association Educational Foundation; and developing an advocacy training curriculum and providing advocacy counsel and technical assistance for grantees in more than a dozen countries to help increase resources for public libraries as part of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Libraries initiative.