Angela Landers

Senior Vice President / Public Health

Angela joined GMMB in 2010, bringing a strong background in strategic communications, coalition-building, issue and crisis management, and earned and digital media, as well as federal agency and Capitol Hill experience. Currently, she works with national trade associations and foundations, and several state-wide health and education nonprofits. She has lent her expertise to GMMB clients on a range of issues, including childhood obesity, consumer health products, pharmaceuticals safety, early learning and K-12 education. Angela is a leading member of GMMB’s earned media team and consistently secures client voices and opinion pieces across the country in national publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, POLITICO, U.S. News and World Report, and across radio, TV and digital outlets including CNBC, NBC, CNN and FOX News.

Prior to GMMB, Angela worked as a Communications Director in the U.S. House of Representatives. She also served as a primary negotiator and protocol advisor to U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings at the U.S. Department of Education, traveling to more than 40 countries and working with domestic and foreign leaders, officials and Embassy staff from around the world.

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