Substance Use/Misuse Prevention and Education

Substance Use/Misuse Prevention and Education

Since 2003, GMMB has partnered with the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) on substance use/misuse prevention campaigns for tobacco, vaping and e-cigarettes, and marijuana. 

When Washington legalized marijuana in 2014, GMMB partnered with DOH to develop a robust youth marijuana prevention and education effort. 

Guided by multiple rounds of research, we created the You Can campaign to educate about the risks and consequences of using marijuana and encourage teens to pursue whatever is important to them—without letting marijuana get in the way.

A recent survey found 61% of youth were less likely to use marijuana or more likely to continue to avoid marijuana after seeing the ads.

To reach teens through trusted adults, we developed the Under the Influence… of You campaign with tips for having effective conversations about not using marijuana. The work entails strategic counsel, creative development, media buying, partner engagement, and management of digital properties.