Protecting Children Against Disease

Protecting Children Against Disease

Fifteen years ago, Japanese Encephalitis (JE) affected 3 billion people in Asia and the Western Pacific. PATH worked to identify a safe and affordable vaccine for the deadly disease and implemented a wildly successful mass vaccination campaign, ultimately protecting over 300 million children.

PATH engaged GMMB to transform 15 years of work into a series of digestible and engaging assets that could be shared across a variety of channels. 

GMMB developed a strategic communications campaign including social media-friendly GIFs, blog posts, and a report and infographic outlining the herculean effort.

PATH’s success in protecting children against JE is a demonstration of what is possible in global health. Developing these products was critical to share the success of this story, help spur action in global health, and inspire future vaccination campaigns to conduct similar models. Contact us to learn more about our strategic communications support with some of the world’s leading organizations. 

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