A New Brand for Progress

A New Brand for Progress

Mathematica is a policy research and analysis firm that works with public-and private-sector organizations to develop insights to improve programs and policies and enhance quality of life. As their 50th anniversary approached, they wanted their brand to capture their evolving value to new and existing clients and audiences with a more compelling, human message. 

After conducting research that included in depth interviews with internal and external stakeholders, we developed a new identity for Mathematica that reflects that they’re no longer the researcher at arm’s length. 

The new tagline, “Progress Together,” speaks to the collaboration with each other and their clients that excited Mathematica staff as well as their mission to improve lives and move society forward. 

And with the development of a full suite of visual materials, the new look-and-feel reflects a modern, forward-looking organization poised to tackle the challenges of the next 50 years.

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