Communicating Safety Recalls

Communicating Safety Recalls

More than 53 million vehicles on the road have open safety recalls; and many Americans, particularly those who drive older or used cars, are unaware they are driving one. In 2016, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles hired GMMB to build a campaign to raise awareness about safety recalls, the importance of getting them repaired, the fact that repairs are always free at a dealer.

Based on research, GMMB created Check To Protect, urging vehicle owners to check for recalls to protect the ones they love. 

GMMB mounted a multi-platform campaign including hyper-targeted paid tactics driving to an online VIN search tool; on-the-ground activations and vehicle canvassing at events ranging from college football games to NASCAR races; and targeted earned media outreach around dangerous airbag recalls, which included urging local governments to declare “Airbag Recall Repair Month.”

We used Latinx-specific messages for Spanish-language media, at Latinx events, and in an online influencer campaign.

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