GMMB Response to Washington State Department of Enterprise Services Competitive Solicitation No. 20422 – Category 2

Contact: Janet Goss,

3.4 Event or Program Branding: HHMI Tangled Bank Studios — Stories That Inspire, 10th Anniversary

Where science and story meet, there is inspiration: For 10 years, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Inc. (HHMI)’s Tangled Bank Studios (TBS) has shined a light on the most important stories in science, uncovered new discoveries, and brought forward the extraordinary lives of scientific pioneers. TBS’ 10th anniversary was both a time of celebration of TBS’ award-winning filmmaking as well as a transformative milestone for the organization. To commemorate the event, GMMB developed a brand identity and a brand roll out plan to introduce TBS’ vision.

Concept Deck

GMMB developed a presentation for Tangled Bank Studios that established the brand voice and positioning for the campaign as well as initial creative concepts.

Logo Iterations

GMMB worked closely with Tangled Bank Studios to develop an event-specific “10 Years” Anniversary logo as an anchor for the yearlong campaign “Stories That Inspire.”

Logo Guides

To support implementation of the 10th Anniversary logo and the “Stories that Inspire” campaign, GMMB created a logo usage guide to ensure consistency of use across many anniversary-specific events and assets.


GMMB developed assets for Tangled Bank Studios to use at anniversary events and activities throughout the year. The assets included giveaways, print ads, program inserts, festival banners, holiday materials, and an anniversary-specific campaign video that was featured on the TBS home page.

Brand Campaign Presentation

The presentation below highlights Tangled Bank Studios’ 10th Anniversary activities and provides an overview of all of the branded events throughout the year.