GMMB Response to Washington State Department of Enterprise Services Competitive Solicitation No. 20422 – Category 4

Contact: Melissa Simpson,

Washington State Department of Health

Project Sample 1: Youth Cannabis Prevention Campaign

Since 2016, we have worked with the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) to develop a comprehensive campaign to prevent cannabis use among youth. The campaign takes a two-pronged approach: 1) direct outreach to youth, ages 12-17, through the You Can brand to educate about the risks and consequences of using cannabis, increase resilience, and enhance the protective factors that help youth resist drugs, and 2) outreach to parents, caregivers, and other influential adults through the Under the Influence…of You brand to encourage them to talk with youth about not using cannabis.

Our work spans the full range of communications services: research and strategy; brand development; advertising and marketing; website development; social media management; and partner engagement. Through creative assets and multiple touchpoints, we reach key audiences, including overburdened and underserved communities, in effective and culturally-appropriate ways. The campaign is informed by DEI principles as well as our partners with lived experiences. It is offered in multiple languages—with assets in English and Spanish for youth and 37 languages for parents and caregivers.

To date, ad buys reaching youth have generated more than 431 million impressions, 59 million video completes, and 2.1 million ad clicks. Most importantly, an evaluation revealed youth found the messages believable and relatable, with 61% saying that the messaging made them less likely to use marijuana or made them want to continue to avoid it.



Hermes Creative Awards

  • Mental Health Help that Lasts, Gov. Video – Platinum
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign – Gold


Internet Advertising Competition Awards

  • Best Government Integrated Ad Campaign – Won
  • Best Government Online Video (Mental Health Help That Lasts) – Won
  • Outstanding Online Video Campaign (Teen Link videos) – Won
  • Outstanding Online Video Campaign (Calming Walks Through Washington State) – Won

The Telly Awards

  • Mental Health Help That Lasts, Government Relations – Non-Broadcast, Silver


Hermes Creative Awards

  • DOH You Can Get Through – Gold
  • DOH You Are Valid – Gold
  • DOH The Hardest Moments – Platinum
  • DOH You Can Pandemic Response Campaign – Platinum

MarCom Awards

  • You Can, Campaign – Gold

Summit Creative Awards

  • The Hardest Moments, Public Service Single Entry – Silver
  • The Hardest Moments, Gov. Video – Gold

PRNEWS Social Impact Awards (Video Storytelling)

  • You Can – Honorable mention

GDUSA Design Awards

  • You Can, Campaign – Won

Internet Advertising Competition Awards

  • DOH You Can Get Through, Online Video Gov. – Best Gov. Online Video

GDUSA Health + Wellness Design Awards

  • You Can, Ad Campaign – Won

 The Telly Awards

  • You Can Get Through This, Government Relations – Non-Broadcast, Bronze


American Advertising Awards Seattle (ADDYs)

  • You Can Choose You: Schoolyard ASMR, Public Service Online Film, video & sound – Silver ADDY

The Telly Awards

  • You Can: Choose You – 45+ Pieces of Branded Content, Campaign: Not-For-Profit – Branded Content, Bronze
  • Marijuana Can’t. You Can., Government Relations – Non-Broadcast, Bronze 

GDUSA Health + Wellness Design Awards

  • Under the Influence…Of You – Won
  • Under the Influence…Of You, Bond Animated Video – Won
  • You Can Anthem Video – Won
  • You Can, Color Theory 101 Video – Won

4.1 Audience Analysis, Research, and Message Testing

The Youth Assessment: Mental and Emotional Health + Substance Use research report describes key learnings from a 12-week online, asynchronous forum with 99 youth across Washington. Focus was placed on recruiting diverse youth, with 70% of youth representing one or more of DOH’s priority populations: BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and Rural communities.

4.2 Transcreation and Culture-Centered Messaging

Example 1 – You Can Spanish summary webpage

Example 2 – Under the Influence…of You community-owned media radio ads

Mandarin Radio Ad played on KKNW

Russian Radio Ad played on KXPA

English Radio Ad played on Daybreak Star Radio

4.3 Communications Plan

The Marijuana Prevention and Education Statewide Guidance Workplan provides a background of cannabis prevention work to date, priority audiences, strategic imperatives that guide our work, an overview of recommended activities to complete in Year 1 and Year 2, and a timeline. It was informed by guidance from DOH and feedback from the Tailored Media, Priority Population, and Regional contractors.

4.4 Idea and Brand Development

Example 1 – You Can 2022 Brand Refresh: New Messages and Design Updates

Example 2 – You Can 2023 Mental Health Awareness Month Theme: Concept Deck and Final Social

4.5 Writing

Example 1 – You Can How to Cope webpage

Example 2 – Under the Influence…of You Tips for Parents Fact Sheet

Farsi Fact Sheet

Ukrainian Fact Sheet

English Fact Sheet

4.6 Quality

Example 1 – You Can Wellness Journal

Example 2 – What to Expect When You Call Teen Link Video

Example 3 – Under the Influence…of You Banner Ads

Japanese banner

Spanish banner

English banner

4.7 Media Planning

The Under the Influence…of You Media Buy Plan outlines budgets, audiences, flight dates, and platforms for sharing creative assets with our diverse partner/caregiver population in Washington State. This media plan features platforms like Facebook and YouTube, as well as key community-owned broadcast television and radio stations to run transcreated assets, ensuring that culturally appropriate campaign messages reach specific audience segments through multiple trusted platforms. 

4.8 Social Media

Example 1 – You Can Would You Rather/Mental Health post that ran on Instagram and Facebook

Example 2 – You Can pandemic post with Seattle’s LGBTQ+ Center that ran on Instagram and Facebook

Note: Move cursor off of the post to view full text while video is playing.

Example 3 – You Can micro-influencer series that ran on Instagram and TikTok

4.11 Evaluation and Measuring Impact

The Cannabis Prevention and Education Final Report provides a high-level snapshot of the work completed over Fiscal Year 2023 for the You CanUnder the Influence…of You, and Not a Moment Wasted campaigns, lessons learned, and recommendations for how to improve overall campaign outreach efforts, partner relationships, and infusing DEI and equity principles into our work.