GMMB Pledges to Do the Work to Be a Leader in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Among Communications and Advertising Firms

GMMB Pledges to Do the Work to Be a Leader in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Among Communications and Advertising Firms

At GMMB, our commitment to make real and lasting positive change in the world starts with the people at our firm. Our success depends on having diversity at every level, and a truly inclusive culture where everyone is welcomed, and their talents and ideas are channeled into our work to champion equity and justice.

Redoubling our commitment to diversity and inclusion means attracting more people of color and creating a culture where everyone can succeed and thrive. It means developing and actively advancing the careers of people of color who already are at GMMB. It means intensive listening, educating ourselves, and taking measurable action.

We are committed to learning from the past and we take seriously and to heart concerns brought to us by past and present employees. While we can’t comment publicly on individual issues, we have begun an investigation process. Once complete, we will take appropriate action.

Doing the work in diversity, equity and inclusion will make us stronger in our mission. We are learning as we go, and likely will make adjustments as we proceed. We will give regular reports on the steps we are taking on our progress.

For us, this is not a moment, and it’s not a campaign or a slogan or empty PR promises.  It’s the beginning of a comprehensive journey that we are taking wholeheartedly with our staff, new GMMB team members to come, and outside experts and partners who are helping guide us on our path:

  • To attract staff and increase representation at all levels, particularly at the senior level, senior staff will work closely with Talent & Culture to recruit, onboard and support new talent. We will seek out diverse talent everywhere, expand our current outreach with HBCU’s to include HSIs, other top colleges and universities, black fraternities and sororities and other professional groups.
  • We are recruiting a new Growth & Diversity Officer who will guide the firm along the way, advocate for staff and hold us accountable.
  • We will fully invest in developing staff and training programs to ensure equity in opportunities and advancement.
  • We look to experts to challenge and guide us, including deepening our ongoing work with our diversity, equity and inclusion consultant, and taking steps to assess all of our internal systems and structures to foster a more equitable workplace.
  • We’ll use our collective voice to build a more diverse community and expand our partnerships with organizations that advocate and support people of color.
  • We are bolstering our anti-discrimination policy to include more clear and actionable consequences for violations.
  • We will expand our contracting with businesses owned by people of color, and refocus our service and volunteer efforts to support social justice nonprofits and diverse organizations.
  • We are increasing the content on our social channels that elevates diverse voices.