Driving Economic Empowerment for Adolescent Girls in Mozambique
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Driving Economic Empowerment for Adolescent Girls in Mozambique

GMMB is honored to be part of a new consortium working on behalf of UK aid to locate new pathways for the economic empowerment of girls in Mozambique. Early pregnancy, HIV, traditional gender roles, and corruption are just a few of the obstacles that keep Mozambican girls from completing their education and joining the workforce. Until girls realize their full potential, the country can’t realize its own. The new consortium is tasked with locating both the psychological and structural barriers to empowerment and dismantling them. GMMB will be developing the Brand pillar of the work in concert with a talented local agency – first branding the program, and then helping to roll out a powerful five-year behavior change campaign.

Our first trip to the country in August gave us an early glimpse into this incredible project and the remarkable group of organizations and individuals tasked with learning, collaborating, and delivering impact. GMMB moderated several hours of presentation and discussion that included our perspective on mission-driven branding, our process for building a captivating brand, what branding has the potential to mean for this project, and the challenges it must overcome.

Of the many highlights, the most striking aspect of our time was the ability to see our client’s commitment to experimentation and their willingness to give the consortium partners the latitude to innovate in the pursuit of real and lasting change. The project couldn’t be more exciting, and we are extremely proud to be a part of it.

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