Expanded audiences. Precision targeting. Amplified impact. Enhanced reporting.

GMMB integrates media planning, buying, optimization, and measurement across digital and television with two proprietary products:

For pre-planning media across channels:

For analyzing media across channels:

We built GMMB Axis to elevate 3 areas:

  • To utilize data to plan for incremental budget quickly and effectively.
  • To continue to find our audience as their viewing habits change rapidly.
  • To analyze and report on our media campaigns holistically. We don’t plan in a silo, our reporting should not be done in a silo.

With GMMB Axis, our TV (broadcast) and digital (targeted reach) teams can work in concert to see where audiences are spending their time. We can see where your creative is sinking in, where you’re missing out, and where it could be deployed more efficiently. With the ability to rapidly understand and adjust our frequency based on up-to-the-minute data, Axis can help us reach an individual 15 to 20 times with your message while avoiding oversaturation.

And as one of the few agencies with television and digital media buying, planning, and measurement in house, we can seamlessly optimize across all platforms—every week.

GMMB has access to this data because of the volume of media we manage for our clients. With GMMB Axis, our advantage becomes yours.

GMMB Axis Insights™ is a data-supported cross-channel planning tool that allows us to understand our audiences, reach them efficiently, and plan across platforms on the front end of media planning cycles or mid-campaign to optimize current media spend or incremental dollars.


  • True cross-channel planning
  • Data-driven insights and results
  • Identify overlap across publishers & platforms
  • Pre-campaign incremental reach estimates
  • Full campaign frequency by creative
  • Easily adjustable with new parameters

GMMB AxisIQ™ is a proprietary data product that pulls together previously fragmented data sets into one complete set of cross-platform video consumption data, giving buyers the ability to optimize and adjust media schedules in real time using live, complete data.


  • More accurate data on frequency and reach across audiences and platforms
  • Incremental reach measurement for cross-screen campaigns
  • Actionable insights for in-flight optimizations
What Does this look like?

Our integrated approach delivered incremental reach for Governor Whitmer’s reelection campaign in 2023.

GMMB Axis allows us to make decisions on where audiences spend them time. We look across the entire campaign to see what is and isn’t working and then optimize weekly.  We’re one of the few agencies who have television and digital media buying, planning and measurement in-house.

Whitmer for Gov. Deep Dive: Incremental Reach in Michigan

GMMB Axis provides integrated reporting. Below is a sample report:

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