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Obama Veterans Join Forces for Next Generation Media Strategies

Posted on Dec 20, 2013

GMMB, Inc. and Civis Analytics today announced an exclusive partnership to combine Civis’ groundbreaking expertise in big data and analytics with GMMB’s state-of-the-art media capabilities. This new partnership offers political campaigns, non-profits and brands the most sophisticated media targeting, planning and placement services anywhere.

The new relationship builds on a collaboration that began three years ago during President Obama's reelection campaign. Before 2012, campaigns had traditionally based their media targeting on loose, broad-based demographics – such as “suburban women,” “18-54 men” or “NASCAR dads.” As a result, media buys were often inefficient. In response, GMMB, Civis and OFA campaign staff developed the “Optimizer” – a tool that merged the campaign’s individual-level persuadability scores with set-top box data from Rentrak to help create the most efficient buys. Those tools were widely credited with generating upwards of $45 million worth of advertising value, helping deliver ad impressions more efficiently and precisely to the persuadable battleground voters that mattered and allowing the campaign to out-maneuver and out-communicate higher-spending opponents.

“Creating and precisely delivering powerful communications campaigns that change minds, votes and lives is what both firms are all about,” said GMMB Senior Partner, Jim Margolis. “Civis is hands-down the best operation in the big data business. Working everyday with their team in the presidential campaign, we saw how their data crunching and analytics meant better targeting, better testing, and better evaluation in the $450 million paid media program. We’re very excited about this partnership,” said Margolis.

“The entire media landscape has changed. We can now think about media from the individual up as opposed to demographics down,” said Dan Wagner, Civis’ founder. “GMMB’s track record of integrating data with media strategy, top-notch creative and innovative placement is unparalleled. And now this collaboration allows us to take optimization to the next level, providing our clients a meaningful advantage in a rapidly changing media landscape,” continued Wagner. 

The partnership is already at work for a number of progressive causes, companies, campaigns and Democratic Party committees, providing unique media optimization and marketing tools across traditional and digital channels. The unique Civis paid media optimization tools and insights will be available exclusively to GMMB’s clients across the spectrum of political, non-profits and cause-related efforts.

“We want to help our clients stretch their budgets and better target their audience, and that’s what this partnership achieves” said Wagner.

“We’ve already seen that great data combined with great communications can have a huge impact,” added Margolis. “And that’s what this team delivers.” 

Interactive Map

Civis Analytics and GMMB present the “2014 Ad Strategy Snapshot,” available to the public for a limited time. Using this map, you can see every U.S. media market with reference to political leanings, voter demographics, upcoming 2014 political races and what it will likely cost to place an ad in each market. The map was built using publicly available data and proprietary GMMB/Civis sources, and integrated by our software engineers.

Learn which DMAs are the most concentrated for each type of voter. Discover something new about how many races are active in each market and where voters will likely see the most advertisements.

About Civis Analytics

Civis Analytics began on the Obama re-election campaign, in a large back room called “The Cave.” For almost two years, we worked together to produce the tools and analysis that informed all major strategic decisions made by the campaign. We are a battle-tested team of statisticians, scientists and technologists. We revolutionized and perfected software for Big Data analytics and analytics technology. We have solved hard problems with our new technologies and skills – and we can help the next generation of campaigns, companies and non-profits do the same and go beyond in their data-driven work. 

About GMMB

Founded in 1983, GMMB is dedicated to creating change with innovative, integrated communications campaigns spanning health care, education, the environment, economic development, civil and human rights, corporate social responsibility and electoral politics. The firm’s clients have included the last two Democratic presidents, several of the world’s largest philanthropic foundations, major non-profit and advocacy organizations, federal and state government agencies, corporations and national and international coalitions and institutions. 

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